Knight and Fish King Playing Card Case


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Once upon a time there were two friends, a boy and a girl. They loved to play many games like board games and puzzles and most of all, they loved to play cards. For the boy’s 9th birthday the girl invited the boy to watch the knights’ tournament with her and her family. They were amazed by the courage and strength of the knights, and the boy told the girl how he dreamed of becoming a knight. Of course she knew this well, and this is why she invited him to the tournament. After the tournament, they had a birthday party, and the girl invited the boy to go swimming the next day, and while they were swimming in the Great Lake, something dreadful happened. The girl was swallowed by a giant fish wearing a crown on its head, which of course was the Fish King of the Great Lake. The boy who often dreamed of becoming a knight and a hero immediately sprung into action by grabbing an axe and jumping into the water to hunt down the fish. The boy swam after the Fish King all the way across the lake but was never able to catch up. The boy reached the other side exhausted and climbed onto the shore discouraged and worried about his friend, but it was only a moment later that the girl walked up to the boy and said hello. The boy was amazed to see her safe, unharmed, clean, and dry. He was even more amazed when he saw that the girl was standing on the shore next to a knight. They explained to the boy that he had just passed the test to become a knight’s apprentice by proving his courage and strength. Grateful the boy made this playing card case as a gift for his friend. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” The End.


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